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Global Acquirer Platform

You may already have your own Merchant Account. If that’s the case you can still take full advantage of our sophisticated Payment Gateway and professional expertise.

The Lateral Payments Global Acquirer Platform provides merchants with secure and certified connectivity to around 90 leading acquiring banks across 30 countries. Implementing a local acquiring strategy can offer tier one merchants access to key strategic markets.

By having more insight into local market conditions this immediately puts multinational businesses on a competitive equal footing with local and regional competitors.

The recent enhancement of our Bank Switching Software has given clients an even greater flexibility and more control within their payment processing infrastructure. By using a single processing partner to aggregate transaction volumes across multiple local banks not only has commercial and logistical benefits but also has a direct impact on achieving higher acceptances rates as compared to using a network of international banks. Integration into our Global Acquirer Platform is straightforward and we’ll also manage all the technical connections and relationships with the networks and banks on your behalf.

International Wire Transfers + SEPA Transfers

Wire transfers are often the most expedient method for transferring funds between international bank accounts and are ideally suited to processing high-value, time-critical transactions.

Our multi-currency Wire Transfer Service covers over 160 currencies using real-time exchange rates for both inbound and outbound payments. Payments are sent out in the beneficiaries’ local currency, so they won’t incur higher exchange rates from their Bank, resulting in savings for everyone. We cover everything from account management, wire processing through to favourable currency conversions. Our fully integrated platform validates bank information and performs all currency conversions seamlessly and in real-time.

  • Competitive exchange rates for payments and deposits.
  • Pay international suppliers, payroll and make commission payments quickly and cost effectively.
  • Send and receive funds in local currencies.
  • Low transaction fees and real-time FX rates.
  • Over 90% of EU transactions completed within 24 hours.

Secure Virtual Terminal Payments

As an approved BACS Bureau, Lateral Payments is authorised to transmit BACS (Banker's Automated Clearing Services) payments.

BACS is a UK specific service that allows for electronic funds transfers directly into most UK bank or building society accounts. The amount and payment date is completely under your control. This makes it ideal for handling regular, yet variable payments like payroll or payments to suppliers, whilst keeping strict control of your cash flow. You simply send us a secure FTP file with the amounts, the payment date and the details of the bank accounts to be credited and we will do the rest. All BACS payments have a standard clearance time of 3 days.

Should your business need to affect a quicker or more urgent payment our Faster Payments Service will give you that edge over your competitors. With a clearance time of less than 2 hours, FPS is perfect for sending immediate payment to customers with a suitable UK bank account at anytime of the day.