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Ecommerce Payment Systems

At Lateral Payments we provide a complete range of processing methods with products tailored to suit every business. Our suite of services have been perfected and enhanced over the years offering affordable, flexible and reliable solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your preferred software platform or shopping cart.

Multi-Currency Gateway

All transactions passing through our Gateway are covered under our PCI Level 1 certification. The Payment Gateway which encompasses our innovative Bank Switching Technology has the ability to process transactions in over 150 currencies and settle in 14 major currencies. This not only gives your customers the ability to transact in their local currency but also gives you the perfect platform to tap into other markets. Our systems are already in place to facilitate that growth in your business.

Proven Fraud Management

Our aim is to work closely with you and offer our own risk assessment based on your level of acceptable risk and then act accordingly. It’s very much a two way process. We want to assist you in achieving the highest acceptance rates possible while keeping chargeback and fraud to a minimum. Our fraud solutions seamlessly blend real-time and offline screening to offer a sophisticated fraud package. Our custom built systems break each transaction down to dynamically screen for any discrepancies – while our clever Fraud Management Engine is constantly monitoring and analysing online behaviour and purchasing patterns.

We’ve been Fighting Fraud for Over 15 Years!

  • 3-D Secure Authentication
  • AVS Screening
  • BIN Profile & IP Checking
  • Global Profiling Database
  • Purchase Pattern Analysis
  • Friendly Fraud Alerts
  • Hot Card Alerts
  • Shared Data Analysis
  • Chargeback Management/Analysis
  • ID Verification Services

Recurring Billing

Our model is ideal for subscriptions and payments, where regular charges are taken from your customer’s credit card at predetermined times. This handy solution enables billing in multiple currencies in rather fixed our variable amounts. All sensitive payment information is stored within the Lateral Payment Solutions secure data network under our PCI Certification.

Hosted Payment Page

We make accepting payments as easy as possible for you. Our fully Hosted Payment Page gets you accepting online card payments straight away. You will automatically benefit from our intelligent fraud screening and enhanced security standards while making your website PCI Compliant

We’ll even go so far as to brand your payment page for you so you can provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Virtual Terminal for Offline Payments

Even in the online word there will still be a need for off-line payment methods. Our secure Virtual Terminal is a simple way to accept payments by telephone, post or fax. In fact, you don’t even need a website!

Our Virtual Terminal allows you to process any off-line transaction with all the security and vigilant fraud checking of our Payment Gateway with real-time transaction authorisation and confirmation.

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