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Data Tokenisation

Many large businesses face increasing challenges within the payment sphere, not least in the area of PCI compliance and specifically in the management and the storing of sensitive card data. Recent high profile security breaches have reinforced the view that failure to have the correct systems in place can have disastrous consequences for an E-commerce business.

By using our Payment Gateway you could mitigate many of the most difficult compliance issues through a system called Tokenisation, which can be easily and affordably integrated into your custom built payment page and existing transaction flows. All your sensitive payment data is encrypted using a randomly generated, totally unique ID number or ‘token’. The token will give you access to your customer records, to search, view or even export your data for accounting and management purposes. Tokenisation can also be implemented for recurring billing processing.

We fully understand that achieving the highest level of compliance is a costly and unwelcome distraction to many of our clients. The Lateral Payment Solutions Data Tokenisation solution removes this storage burden and allows the de-scoping of the cardholder data within the merchant environment.

Hosted Payment Page

We make accepting payments as easy as possible for you. Our fully Hosted Payment Page gets you accepting online card payments while instantly reducing your PCI scope. The customer is automatically redirected to our PCI Level ONE environment ensuring credit and debit card data is never stored on your server.

The payment page is customisable to fit in with your own branding so as to provide your customers with a familiar and seamless shopping experience.

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